Mid-February Update

The website has a new design! Thank you to Julie Thi Underhill, Ben Robinson and Jonathan Young for their collaborative effort to bring it all together.

2. I am at Hedgebrook for a writing residency and after two full days of solitude in a beautiful cabin in the Puget Sound, I already know it’s going to be productive. The fellow residents here have exceeded my expectations: they are warm, funny, kind and also deeply appreciative of the gift we have here. It is hard to be cynical right now. I am only grateful. I also miss my husband and daughter like crazy, so thank goodness for Skype.

3. Elle Magazine readers have chosen Cherry as their March Book of the Month. I feel deeply honored and love reading their thoughts on the book. It makes all those years of writing and revising worth it!

4. I am working on a personal memoir essay for The Rumpus on my father’s memory, our relationship and his relationship with my daughter Amelie. It is probably the most vulnerable piece of writing I’ve ever done, but I do feel it honors (almost) everything I love about him.


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